Sustainability Report - Goals for a Sustainable Development
Data:8 maggio 2024 Categoria:Events

Environmental and territorial issues are strongly felt today and are becoming more and more essential in the industrial and production field as well. For more than two years now, a dedicated team at Besenzoni has been working hard to launch initiatives aimed at promoting the principles of Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) within the company.

Besenzoni has always adopted policies of responsible and efficient consumption of resources: in fact, in 1997 it was the first in the industry to obtain ISO 9001, the quality management certification that attests to the optimisation of company processes and management efficiency. The year 2022 marked a turning point, with the first environmental footprint calculation, developing the Sustainability Report. This sustainable development plan will accompany all company processes, starting with a list of targets to achieve and maintain it in order to safeguard the rich nautical heritage for future generations.

Analyses have shown that Besenzoni's greenhouse gas emissions have been around 6% lower in recent years than in previous years, despite the increase in production. The carbon footprint confirms that Besenzoni's actions to control its use of natural gas have been effective and have reduced its environmental impact by 8.4%. The company has invested in renewable sources, installing a photovoltaic system capable of producing around 100,000 kWh each year, which corresponds to 10% of the company's annual needs. Approximately 19% fewer litres of water were consumed, mainly for sanitary purposes and washing finished products. Great attention is also paid to waste management and the maintenance of green areas in the facilities to ensure a stimulating working environment.

To this day, Besenzoni has achieved several improvement goals that have made the company's way of working more inclusive, efficient and attentive to health and the environment. At company level, several improvements have been adopted to improve energy efficiency and to ensure the well-being of employees. Thanks to the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) project and dedicated financial contributions, it has been possible to build a working environment that promotes positive health behaviour, and to support the communities in our area.

The company is striving to maintain ISO 14001 certification, which attests to a focus on environmental protection.

Proudly renewing our commitment to integrating ESG principles into our strategic corporate objectives, we invite you to take a look at our 2022 Sustainability Report, while waiting for the 2023 update. You can find the report at the following link: CLICK HERE