Venezia boat show 2023
Data:25 maggio 2023 Categoria:Exhibitions

The Company will be at the Boat Show in “La Serenissima” between 31 May and 4 June exhibiting its wide range of accessories for boats and super yachts. Pride of place will be given to two of our most important products, the LaPasserella external electric gangway for use on sailing boats and motorboats and the external hydraulic PI 461 Miss gangway.

 Besenzoni will bring the flagship of its successful new BeEectric series, LaPasserella, to the impressive setting of the city’s Arsenale. This has all the features that make this innovative range ideal for those seeking more sustainable solutions. In fact, by installing LaPasserella you can significantly reduce the weight on board - on average by 30 kg - compared with traditional gangways, thanks to the absence of a hydraulic power pack. The absence of a hydraulic power pack means that no oil is used in the device or in the engine room, and also fewer potentially polluting materials such as plastic or rubber pipes are used. On LaPasserella it is possible to coat the step plate with synthetic UV–stabilised PVC, which is 100% eco-friendly.  The energy required to operate the gangway is optimised, since the electronic control panel uses less current, thereby avoiding excessive stress on the system or on the vessel. It can be operated with either a 12Vdc or a 24 Vdc power supply. It is also worth mentioning that the system used is the quietest system possible, since it is only operated using electricity.

 As regards the more classic hydraulic accessories produced by the Sarnico-based company, at the show you will find the PI461 Miss, Miss by name and Miss by nature: it is indeed the most highly regarded external hydraulic gangway that we produce and is sought after on account of its lightness and performance. It is operated hydraulically by using a remote control or wall-mounted control panel which makes it easy to lift/lower the tender from/into the water. The lifting capacity varies depending on the model and can go up to 200 kg depending on the tender crane and water toys. It is made of painted aluminium but we also have a version available with a polished housing. The step plate is made of 100% eco-friendly, synthetic, UV-stabilised material together with the automatic handrail rope ensure maximum safety.


See you soon at Piazzale della Campanella !