BOOT Dusserldorf 2024
Data:11 gennaio 2024 Categoria:Exhibitions

Besenzoni will be present at the world's most important indoor international boat show, Boot Düsseldorf, scheduled to take place from January 20 to 28, 2024, featuring some of its most representative products from both the "traditional" production line and the BeElectric series, introduced by the company three years ago and increasingly in demand.

In particular two important novelties in electrically powered gangways, increasingly sought after for boats of all sizes, will be showcased: the PE660 Jolly, designed for small outboard motorboats with limited space aft, and the PE665, extending this system to larger vessels.

The PE660 Jolly gangway features a fully electric automatic system, available in both the retractable housing box version and for aft installation with external fastening. The structure is available in polished AISI 316 stainless steel or powder-coated steel with a 100% eco-friendly teak-like platform. The PE665 is a three-stage automatic gangway with fully electric operation and a length of 4 meters. The structure is in polished stainless steel with an initial extesion for overcoming steps and shifting the tilt point upwards or downwards.

The key innovation that characterizes LaPasserella is, of course, its electric power supply—a simple yet innovative system applied to this type of product. LaPasserella, by not relying on a traditional hydraulic unit, avoids the use of oil in the system and/or engine room. Additionally, there is reduced use of potentially polluting materials such as plastic and rubber tubes.

Thanks to LaPasserella, onboard energy consumption is reduced, eliminating the need for power from the hydraulic motor. Energy is optimized, starting with electronic force control using less current to avoid excessive stress on the system and structure, with power supplied at both 12Vdc and 24Vdc.

The eco-compatibility goal of the BeElectric range is central considering the aesthetic aspect of the product as well. It uses an innovative and high-performance synthetic platform material, made using only high-quality virgin PVC, making it a 100% "Green Ecological" product. Maintenance of this material is reduced to zero, as it does not require special treatments; normal sanding and oiling of wood are unnecessary, and brushing with soapy water is sufficient. It is also resistant to stains, impacts, UV rays, and marine salt, with excellent non-slip grip in wet and dry conditions.

Besenzoni is waiting for you at Boot - Düsseldorf – Hall 10 / C42