Besenzoni and Italian Yacht Masters
Data:23 febbraio 2024 Categoria:Events

On Thursday 22 and Friday 23 February, we had the pleasure of hosting the delegation of Italian Yacht Masters, including board member Marco Nocenti, thanks also to the valuable cooperation of Filippo Rossi. Italian Yacht Masters is the Italian association that brings together captains from the yachting sector, and is committed to promoting seafaring and boating and maintaining the professional tradition of Italian Mega Yacht Masters, promoting values such as reliability, commitment and professionalism.

During these days, the delegation had the opportunity to visit the company and the production departments, seeing first-hand how Besenzoni's products are assembled and manufactured, from the leading products (such as ladders, gangways and helm seats), to the Unica division, which deals with custom products, to the BeElectric sections, where exclusively electrically driven elements are produced, and finally to the nautical upholstery.

A workshop was subsequently held, during which there was an opportunity for discussion between the captains and Besenzoni, and in which were discussed what are currently perceived as the needs and preferences of boat owners.

We hope that this event, much appreciated by all participants, will be repeated again in the future.