The importance of after-sales for Besenzoni _ Vela & Motore
Data:23 marzo 2021 Categoria:About us

There are over 160 service operating units around the world made up of experienced and constantly updated by the company and recognized with a certification. The summer season is upon us and the need for boaters to navigate safely is even more important. Thanks to the Customer Service Division, Besenzoni makes available to shipowners a precious reference point in every part of the world. There are over 160 operational assistance and sales units, with selected technicians, trained by the company itself and recognized with a specific certification. An experienced staff, who knows all the characteristics of the products and knows how to deal with both the most common and the most delicate problems using the most suitable methods of intervention. The service work is constantly coordinated and supported by the Customer Care center which is based within the Italian company, available without interruption for the whole year, and made up of a group of experts able to assist remotely in different languages. The services are not only used to intervene in the event of problems during navigation, but are also essential for periodic maintenance: to preserve the efficiency and quality of Besenzoni products, which work in a very hostile environment such as the marine one, it is appropriate carry out proper periodic maintenance of the systems, as every part of them is subject to wear, despite the fact that they are products made with materials that guarantee long life. The rapid and profound commercial growth and the considerable expansion in various geographical areas - from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, from Panama to Bali to Hong Kong, to Florida ... - which has characterized Besenzoni for several years now, makes it necessary to coordinate, update and standardize the different points of assistance around the world, in order also to give a service and brand image the same everywhere. The Service service is also always within reach of the phone, thanks to the Besenzoni Control Device APP, it is possible to connect to the map of assistance services around the world, so that they can be consulted easily and when needed. The relationship that binds Besenzoni to Service is certainly one of the strengths of the Sarnico-based company, which today aims more than ever at the satisfaction of its customers. Choosing a Besenzoni product means, in fact, ensuring exceptional quality assistance for the entire period of its life, even after the end of the warranty and without territorial limits.