_ Vela e Motore
Data:1 gennaio 2022 Categoria:About us

It's called IlTenderLlft and it's the most recent product with which Besenzoni expands the range of BeElectric electrically operated components, which also includes LaPassarella, LaScala and IlSalpa Ancora. The new accessory is a platform for the management of hauling / launching of tenders and jet skis and in the basic version it has a capacity of 850 kg including the weight of the platform, but models with lifting capacities from 400 to 1.200 kg are available as well as solutions. custom, one of the strengths of the company that has made the ability to adapt to the needs of shipowners and shipyards an important point of the business. The power supply that characterizes the new range implies several advantages, both for boats and for the environment. First of all, the absence of the hydraulic power unit and oil makes the systems quieter and the boats lighter. The weight reduction leads to a series of "savings", having lower kilos on board and lower installation and maintenance costs. Added to this is a reduction in fuel with a lower impact on the environment. Energy consumption on board is also reduced, without the need for the hydraulic power of the engine. The energy itself is optimized, starting from the electronic control of the effort with less current to avoid excessive stresses on the system and the structure: the management takes place with 24Vdc.