Close to you, anywhere in the world

With the Customer Service Division, Besenzoni places at the disposal of boat owners a valuable reference point in every part of the world. While browsing the new Besenzoni S.p.A. website, you can actually proceed, simply and speedily, to purchase a number of products.

Once you have chosen the product and provided the required invoicing information, you will be asked to choose a collection point to which the product will be delivered.

The Collection Points are located at our Customer Service facilities which deliver the products, but which can also be of assistance for the maintenance and assembling of the same, given their professional expertise and experience.

We have over 160 points of sale/customer service units, each with carefully selected technicians, trained by the company itself and duly qualified with specific certification.

Expert staff, with excellent knowledge of product characteristics, who know how to deal with the most common problems and the trickiest ones, enacting appropriate intervention strategies. This is why choosing a Besenzoni product means having a surefire guarantee of top quality customer service throughout the product’s life cycle, even after the expiry of the warranty.