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Transformist gangways and pilot seats equipped  are the  Besenzoni's 2020 innovations
Besenzoni continues to develop innovative products, with design and content suitable for a vast range of boats and yachts, and here is what it has designed again this year.

The Bergamo-based company, founded in 1967 by Giovanni Besenzoni and now headed by Giorgio and Fiorella, has always grown in its (over) 50-year history and has recently created a corporate division, under the Unica brand, specifically designed for the segment of superyachts.

Among the product innovations, the SP 600 G revolving staircase and the P 338 Infinity Elegance and P 397 pilot armchairs stand out in particular.

The transformist gangwalk
The Besenzoni SP 600 G scale has a revolving structure with automatic movement, and naturally also acts as a catwalk. It can be installed at the stern or side, with a painted or mirror-polished stainless steel structure. The teak steps are self-aligning, while the double row of chandeliers, which can be removed manually, makes the SP 600 particularly comfortable to stow. The use is made simple by a control panel with which to control it from the cockpit, and from the dedicated hydraulic and electrical control unit.

The more equipped and customizable pilot seats
Another flagship product seen in Genoa was the Besenzoni P 338 Infinity Elegance automatic pilot chair. A long name for a product that is characterized by modern design, designed for owners who are attentive to aesthetics and refined quality. But there is more in this direction: the aesthetic solutions may vary depending on the boats on which it is installed, thanks to a high level of customization.on which the company wanted to focus. The ergonomic seat, the variable inclination backrest and the adjustable footrest guarantee comfort even in case of long navigation.

The Besenzoni P338 can be installed on an electric or manual support and is offered with a standard vinyl or leather cover. But it is also possible to cover the armchair with the personalized fabric provided by the customer.

At the Genoa Boat Show the P 397 was also exhibited, the armchair born from the collaboration with FB Design with the utmost attention to functionality and comfort, which we discussed in a previous article.
Finally, the range of small gangways was on display at the stand, such as the Besenzoni PI 461 miss white, the PI 369 smart lux and the PI 389 racing lux.