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Data:7 agosto 2019 Categoria:About us

Yachtalia: technology and passion as a lifestyle
A leading company in on-board technology maintenance, distribution and survey
We meet Paolo Tazzini, CEO of Yachtalia, in the company lounge, among trees, giant screens and treadmills. A small corner of Silicon Valley between La Spezia and Viareggio

Ingegner Tazzini How was it all born?
<< After an intense experience in the Riva after-sales (Ferretti Group), in 2013 I decided to give life to the first independent after-sales service designed for construction sites. Growing and evolving, we started providing our services to marine hardware manufacturers. We already had great things in mind, the market gave us confidence. >>

A rather rapid growth
<< Definitely. The experience between the production lines and the quay, the phone calls of the commanders worried about a failure and the shipowners' requests made us understand that what the boating needed was a tool that made life easier for everyone, in able to meet most of the needs of a yacht. So we immediately started partnerships with Naviop, Nemo, Besenzoni and Seakeeper. We have become Amer, Sanlorenzo and Ferretti Group Service Points. In the last two years we have strengthened the offer on platforms and tenderlift as exclusive service partners of h + btechnics and on monitoring and security systems as exlusive GOST dealers. >>

A lot has changed in so little time!
<< Yeah, it's all very fast but we are too! >>

What is Yachtalia today? Whom do you address?
<< Our customers are not just builders, we work every day for professionals like commanders and brokers and for the owners of the most prestigious yachts. We also provide engineering, organizational and logistic support in construction and refitting projects and carry out inspections on new and already navigated units. We distribute, install and repair high-tech products. Our teams travel anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to operate on all on-board systems: electricity, automation, electronics, hydraulics, hydraulics, mechanics. >>

Where is it?
<< From the beginning it was clear the need to travel, to internationalize. As we speak, two of our boys are in Singapore, one in Doha. Tomorrow instead an intervention is planned in Monaco. This is possible thanks to a network based in the main localities, I am also thinking of Fort Lauderdale, Istanbul, Yokohama. Recently we have added to our network Mumbai, Maldives and Sri Lanka. >>

Boating is growing fast, what are your plans for the future?
<< Our mission does not change: making the sea a better place, a yacht at a time. Now that production is so massive, we must not forget the aftermath of the entire life cycle of the boat. For this reason, in collaboration with the partners, we have created regular maintenance programs. This goes in the direction of a growth of the culture of prevention and programming, which will surely contribute to the improvement of the reliability of the products and to the relative satisfaction of the customers. >>

A bit like cars
<< Exactly, what we propose is provided in the manufacturer's manuals and reflects what already happens with the main engines. We design customized packages to keep all on-board systems under control. A complete check before the holidays eliminates the risk of problems during the cruise, extends the life of the boat and increases its value. >>

In short, in such a competitive sector, what is the key to Yachtalia's success?
<< People. Without them we could not guarantee high quality standards. We pay the utmost attention to the issues of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Every action of ours has the objective and the ambition to bring an advantage for all. We invest very seriously in the broader aspects of corporate welfare, as well as in the equipment and training of our staff through the "Yuniversity" program. We want every member of the team to experience Yachtalia as a lifestyle, on which we can rely at all times. >>