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Data:5 agosto 2019 Categoria:About us

Davì and his Nautilus sailing between Iceland and Greenland
Successfully continues the fascinating adventure of the rubber dinghy Sergio Davì, mostly solo in the most extreme and difficult sections. In recent weeks he has in fact reached the Far Øer Islands, where he was a guest of the Torshavn Marina, and Iceland, where he was affectionately received by the Snarfari Marina of Reykjavik and a couple of representatives of the Peace Run of Iceland.
The stop in Reykjavik was of fundamental importance because, as planned, here it was necessary to carry out the second pit stop with earthing the boat, cleaning the hull, checking the engines with oil change and filters. Operation of vital importance before continuing with the second half of the journey. In this regard, special thanks go to Suzuki Iceland who provided the supply of oil and filters for this operation.
In fact, in these hours the commander Davì, aboard his Nautilus Explorer, is plowing the ocean waters known as the "Strait of Denmark" that separate Iceland from Greenland.
In the first Greenlandic port, Tasiilaq (or Assamalik) Davì is expected by Robert Peroni, an important Italian explorer who has repeatedly crossed Greenland on foot.
After Tasiilaq there will be a stop in the small town of Qaqortoq, south of Greenland, and then on to Canada.

Solitary sailing is certainly not without its difficulties. It is very tiring both physically and mentally. It is impossible to be able to rest and there can be no distraction or loss of concentration. A hard test to which Davì seems to respond with excellent results.
The technical-logistic support offered by the Ice Rib Challenge partners is also fundamental: we remember that Davì is completing the venture aboard a completely standard New Nuova Jolly Marine Prince 38cc boat, powered by two Suzuki DF350A dual prop outboards, with just a few adjustments to deal comfortably with navigation at extreme latitudes and with conditions that are not always easy. Thanks to the tensile structure created by the Toti nautical upholstery and the special seats made by Besenzoni, the captain managed to tackle difficult sailing hours, sheltering himself from the rain and the cold.

Moreover, thanks to the use of Amphibious heat-sealed bags, all equipment and personal effects are sheltered from bad weather and sudden changes in temperature.