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Data:4 gennaio 2020 Categoria:About us

Italian boating finds the Bergamaschi unit: so more competitive
The reunification agreement rediscovered at the end of 2019 marks a fundamental step for the Italian yachting industry. Within this month, Ucina (Confindustria nautica) and Nautica Italiana (45 companies from Altagamma, including the Bergamo-based Riva), will officially give life to «Confindustria Nautica », unitary national representation of one of the strategic sectors of Italian industry.
Riva, the return to Genoa is closer. A reconciliation that ends relations to say the least "agitated" and that could have a first positive consequence: the return to the berths of Ferretti Group and consequently also of the Bergamo brand Riva at the Genoa International Boat Show where it is far from autumn 2015 .
A confirmation is premature, faced with a flashback with Ucina, which in fact organizes the Expo under the Lantern, the hypothesis of a return to Genoa of the Romagna Group and of the elegant yachts «made in Bergamo», is not remote two production plants, Sarnico and La Spezia, although at the moment, Ferretti Group has not yet closed its reserves for a white smoke towards the new route in Confindustria Nautica. To explain the benefits of the agreement that led to the birth of the new common house is Luciano Paissoni, director of Ucina and Addi Foresti & di Predore: «We managed to put aside individualisms with the primary objective of enhancing the potential of Italian companies and the entire sector that had been suffering for some time from this rift born in September 2015. There is a need for support for exports to make nautical realities more competitive and in dialogue with institutions. There was compactness within Ucina to find a solution by avoiding unnecessary divisions. Now a new governance will be born, capable of expressing the entire sector ».
And among the Orobic companies, Paola Barcella, marketing manager of Rio Yachts, of Chiuduno, echoes him: «We have closed a positive business 2019 for our company belonging to Ucina, the birth of Confindustria Nautica is a strong signal of unity that can continue favored common policies to promote and support internationally the excellence of Made in Italy nautical, harbinger of boats, accessories and components of quality and design ».
Memberships until the end of January: following the new agreement between the parties, members of Nautica Italiana, which include in addition to Ferretti, world brands such as Baglietto, Benetti, Pershing and Azimut Yachts, Apreamare, will have time until the end of January to join the new project that will set sail with a semester of transition and confirmation at the helm of Confindustria Nautica di Saverio Cecchi, current number one of Ucina, flanked by Lamberto Tacoli, current president of Nautica Italiana, while the official elections of the management team will be held in June of 2020.
For Giorgio Besenzoni of the Sarnico company of the same name, specialized in the production of gangways: «the previous one was an incomprehensible and harmful division: we hope that the novelty will represent a new starting point to support the beautiful and well-made products that the nautical companies Italians have been able to create with skill and craftsmanship. Clearly a credible strategic plan will be needed ».