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Data:2 maggio 2019 Categoria:About us

A father, two children, fifty-two years of history. A healthy family business that knows how to innovate, adapt to the times, but without haste and, above all, without betraying its customers. Giorgio Besenzoni has opened the doors of his company to discover the secret of their success. Some "visionary", someone capable of interpreting the insights of these people and a group of companies. And of course, a territory that hosts all these things. The Made in Italy is above all this and Lake Iseo was a sort of Silicon Valley because it is the home of some prestigious brands that have made the history of sailing. Not just boats, but also accessories and components. A true nautical district. Among the "visionaries" who lived at these latitudes there are people like Carlo Riva, but the interpreters were also fundamental. Among these the shipyard workers and shipwrights, but even the many companies that, in Sarnico and its surroundings, have dedicated themselves to boating, precisely to provide a prestigious brand like Riva. Besenzoni is one of these. "When I started - remembers Giorgio Besenzoni - production was at an extreme artisanal level. We had to create particular products that did not yet exist. Our task was to interpret the brilliant insights of engineer Carlo Riva ". All this was possible because Besenzoni is, even before a company, a family. A healthy family business. Besenzoni has 52 years of history. It has known how to innovate, but also to remain faithful to that craftsmanship that has characterized it from the beginning. And even today this characteristic is fundamental, especially for a market that looks for custom accessories or at least the most customizable one. "We are not obsessed with making the biggest turnover among the world's nautical companies," says Giorgio Besenzoni. "Our goal is to make a good, high quality product and have satisfied customers. This mission leads us to grow. Maybe slowly, one step at a time, but we grow ". It all started with the catwalks. Customer focus has always been almost maniacal. Besenzoni famous for the courses he held at construction sites on how to install the accessories he produced. If the rider commits a mistake, in fact, the shipowner blames those who built the gangway, not those who built the boat. This is why we need a close relationship and mutual cooperation with construction sites. And no less important is customer service. Widespread and fast assistance, because nobody wants problems. Serenity is the watchword for Besenzoni. And seriousness is, first of all, towards customers. "Shipowners are able to perceive the quality of a product and to appreciate it", says the managing director. From those first accessories, one step at a time, the company has made countless products. But the spirit has remained the same as its origins. The latest collaboration agreement, for example, was signed with Fabio Buzzi's FB Design for the creation of super-amortized seats for his super-fast boats. In fifty-one years things have changed - says Giorgio Besenzoni - but the focus is always the same ». Accessories must have a long life, not surprisingly, in the catalog, there are still cranes that date back to the 1980s. Materials, engineering, and above all design are important to achieve these results. "We have always worked with famous Italian and foreign designers". The last example is very recent. This is the Matrix armchair, already presented last year at the Mets in Amsterdam and awarded the Dame award for innovation. «Christian Grande and Marine Leather have reinterpreted the armchair, both in terms of design and fabrics. Their enthusiasm was contagious ». The enthusiasm and the desire to do well, are one of the other features that abound on Lake Iseo. And they are not lacking even in the company. The historical collaborators, the technicians who have worked since the beginning with their father Giovanni have gradually joined the young. "They brought enthusiasm, attention to research and innovation and these characteristics have influenced everyone", continues Giorgio Besenzoni. Change is slow, but it is constant. So you're ready for any challenge. From the remote-controlled telescopic gangways today we have reached the APPs that manage these accessories. The stimulus also comes from the study of other sectors and from the use of materials that other types of industries do. This is also why fresh forces are needed alongside Giovanni, Giorgio and Fiorella. «We are happy with the response that comes from the territory because it seems to us that young people are no longer so enticed by the idea of ​​going to work abroad. From us they find a company able to collect their stimuli and get satisfaction for the work they do ». This is also due to the long-standing relationship Besenzoni has with the faculty of mechanical engineering of the University of Bergamo. A collaboration so close that it could almost be called a department of the university.