The two companies need a few presentations: Besenzoni and FB Design have signed a partnership to offer the market new seating solutions optimized for speedboats. This is a novelty for the new nautical year that does not specifically concern a product, but a collaboration agreement: Besenzoni and FB Design announce today that they will work together to create avant-garde technical solutions dedicated, as you can expect, to boats high performance. Comfortable and fast On the one hand Besenzoni, a Bergamo-based company that has been designing and building products for pleasure and commercial boating for over 50 years, today it can be considered one of the reference points for marine accessories, worldwide. Edan.


On the other hand, FB Design, founded in 1971 and still led by engineer Fabio Buzzi, a mechanic and motorboat pilot, a world champion. In more than 40 years of activity, FB Design has won 52 world titles and 56 speed records in all the existing classes, not only in the UIM classes (under the World Scooter Federation) but also in the United States (APBA).


The collaboration agreement has been active since January 2019, and will lead to a coordinated and joint development of some innovative solutions, thanks to the often cutting edge creativity that characterizes the two companies. In particular, the typical inventiveness of Made in Italy and the continuous research of new projects will be addressed to the design of seating solutions for high performance boats. FB Design boats have the opportunity to offer the rider a comfortable seat, one of the key points, given that the high speeds and the high stresses they generate need a stable and safe driving position. Besenzoni's experience in inventing, designing and marketing new solutions, thanks to a very advanced research and development sector, will be useful to find new ideas in this field. We still do not know anything about the first fruits of the partnership, but we are sure that with two names like Besenzoni and FB Design we can expect something new and astonishing.


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